Get Ready... Showings Start Tomorrow 10 am

By: Thomas Cook

Get Ready... Showings Start Tomorrow 10 am

Every seller’s primary goal is to get the most money possible for their home.  After 36+ years helping Toronto seller’s and buyers, that is an absolute truth.
Another truth is the more you make your home available for buyer agents and their clients to view the interior, the more interest we can generate and, in all probability, the better price we will get.
I’ve had some homeowners, and some tenants, want to tightly restrict the showing times for their listing and this always hurts the seller’s chance at getting the action they need to sell high.
So why do we want a wide range of showing times?  Simple.  Buyers work all hours and all shifts of the day and night and are not always available in the optimum six to nine PM time frame.  As a result they might ask their buyer agents to book showings anytime from early morning to later in the evening.
The showing times I suggest to my seller clients are Monday to Friday from 10 am to 9 pm, Saturdays 10 am to 6 pm and Sundays 11 am to 5 pm.  This leaves plenty of time to accommodate almost every buyer showing request.
If we can get a lot of buyers through within a few days to a week, and the home is priced right, we’re almost guaranteed to get enough interest to generate an offer within that time.
If a client has one or more small children, their bedtime is usually early… from 7 to 8 pm but, if at all possible, they will often agree to keep the 9 pm showing cutoff time if the buyer agent and their clients are quiet when they’re touring the home.
Pets in the home can sometimes be an issue.  Cats are usually not a problem since they often hide anyway.  Dogs scare some ethnic groups and can be a deterrent to having a relaxed showing, especially if the animal is a large size or noisy.  
We typically suggest that the seller board their pet short term with other family or friends or in some cases at a dog boarding facility.  Since homes are selling fairly quickly in Toronto, this usually doesn’t present a big inconvenience for most families.
So how does the showing process work?  
First your agent will ask you how you want to be notified of showings… by voice mail or email and he or she will collect your contact info and pass on to their real estate office reception desk.
They'll arrange with you to get keys and perhaps a FOB to access your condo suite or house.  Typically keys are left at a concierge desk or in a lockbox ideally on the premises somewhere (lobby, hallway, garage or stairwell) for a condo property or in a lockbox attached to or near the front door of a house.
If your condo suite has a parking space and locker, we will provide photos and a location map in our marketing materials to help the buyer visualize what they look like.  We’ll do the same for showcasing any condominium amenities your building has since they might not be easy for the buyer to access with their buyer agent.
You need to expect that you might get a call at 9:15 am to request a showing for 10 am that same day.  Perhaps that buyer agent has contacted his client about your listing and they’ve finally gotten back to him and they’re only available that morning to take a look.  This happens more than you might expect.
Your Realtor’s office will contact you to request that showing time and then confirm it with the buyer agent.
This means you need to have your home in ‘showing order’ every single day while your listing is active and expect those early or late day buyer visits.  Before you leave your home each morning, tidy up the sink and kitchen counters, make all beds, put away magazines or toys, open up any window blinds and turn on a few strategic table lamps to show off rooms for evening visitors.
In an ideal world you would not be home for the buyer showings.  If the seller is ‘hovering’ over the buyer or even sitting in a room the buyer would like to see more of, often the buyer will feel they’re intruding and want to hurry up their visit.  This is not what we want.  We’d rather have them linger in your home, sit down on the couch and feel what it’s like to live in that space.
From experience, buyers will be very reticent to ask any questions of their buyer agent while the seller is around and the agent might miss an opportunity to address a buyer’s specific question or concern if they feel like they need to rush outside.
We’ve had clients who’ve actually booked a weekend out of town or even a week’s vacation when their condo or house went on the market.  That way their home stayed in perfect showing order and buyer agent access was very open for all times of the day or evening.
Buyer showings are one of the most uncomfortable parts of the selling process.  Sellers feel stressed and intruded upon by strangers (all true) but it is a necessary part of the business.
You’ll want to hire a professional Realtor to help you through this and all the rest of intricacies of the home selling experience… someone who has the experience and the expertise to make sure you are as stress-free as possible.
Find out how Toronto’s Real Estate Team can accomplish that for you.

Thomas Cook

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