Magic Formula For Home Selling Success

By: Thomas Cook

Magic Formula For Home Selling Success

The PPPN Principles For Listing Your Home

Every industry has its particular formulas for success and real estate is no exception. These formulas are, for the most part, not taught in any real estate school or seminar, although they are not a secret to the most successful Realtors in the business.

If you asked them, most agents wouldn’t even be able to tell you what the successful formula is for getting a client’s listing sold for the best possible price.

The formula that we’ve created is PPPN, which stands for Pricing, Presentation, Promotion and Negotiation. All four components are decisive for getting your home sold in any type of market! 

It requires the owner and the agent to work together to discuss the proper pricing of the property (and set the list price 2-5% above market value to allow for negotiating room) and to show the owner how he/she can improve the presentation of the home (interior and exterior) cosmetically and inexpensively to increase its value and marketability.

Once these two key elements are in place, the promotion of the property takes place in several ways. One of the most important is the designing of a full-colour feature sheet and online social media marketing for agents and buyers.

We take digital pictures inside and out and use them to create a 4-6 page colour feature sheet that includes a buyer cost-of-ownership spreadsheet, specific details about the qualities and features of your property, floor plans for your house or condo and a neighbourhood features page.

We also market your property heavily on Google, Facebook and several of Toronto’s most popular resale home websites. Our listings are also promoted on and in Canada and internationally through

Finally, once an offer is on the table, the actual skilled negotiations between us and the buyer (through their buyer agent) will definitively determine what price you get for your home. 

Thomas Cook

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If you are going to sell your suite in the next 1 to 9 months, what you do right now can make a difference of thousands of dollars in your sale price, and there are some simple things you can do forthwith to make sure you get "Top-Dollar" when you do sell.


First, is our FREE "Pin-Point Price" Analysis, where I can take a closer in-person look at your condo and prepare a very specific price for your suite. This price will be much more precise than the general range that you can get automatically from the site - and we guarantee in writing to sell your condo at the "Pin-Point Price" or higher in less than 32-days.

Second, is our FREE "Room-By-Room Review", where I do a 20-minute walk-thru and make specific recommendations about which fix-ups or improvements you should (and should not) do to prepare your suite for sale. I will point out the lowest cost, highest return improvements you can make to help sell your condominium quickly and for more money.

Third, if you would like, I will include your condo in our "Silent Market" of condominiums that are not yet on the market.  Because we generate so much buyer interest from our website, Facebook and Google advertising and other proactive marketing, we may be able to find a buyer for your condo without even putting it on the market… saving you both time and money.

These 3 services are FREE. The Room-By-Room Review takes about an 20 minutes, and we can arrange a time during the day or evening, whenever is most convenient for you.