Planning A Stress-Free Move

By: Thomas Cook

Planning A Stress-Free Move



Let’s face it: Moving is NEVER fun! But you can make it a lot less stressful and as hassle- free as possible! For starters, use this guide for general information and the handy checklist to get yourself well organized.
How To Choose A Moving Company... 
First, whether your move is local or long distance, choose a properly licensed and bonded company!  Although each moving company’s rules may vary, generally a local move is considered to be within an 80 km radius of the company’s base.
Get referrals from friends or family and call the Canadian Association of Movers for the background of the company you are considering using.
A representative from a moving company may come to your home to explain their services and do a furniture survey. They will probably also point out items that cannot be safely moved or that may need special attention. Afterwards they will send you an estimate of what the cost of your move will be.
Obtain estimates from a couple of moving companies for a comparison of both costs and services that they offer.
Be sure to know what you will be paying for.
Do the costs include loading and unloading? How much does the liability protecting your possessions cover? What happens if something gets damaged? You may find you want extra coverage through paying a higher premium or by making alternative insurance arrangements.
As it’s usually less expensive to move between October and June, you should ask if there are any seasonal specials available. Also, try to avoid scheduling your move for the end of the month which is the busiest time for movers. The end of June and the end of August are the absolute busiest for them.  Moving companies may also offer cheaper rates at different times of the month.
BTW, before you commit 100% to a moving date, check with your condominium concierge to ensure that the date is open to reserve your moving elevator!
Avoid cash deals with the mover - they most likely don’t include declared value protection on your goods, insurance on the trucks for their cargo or workers’ compensation. You most likely won’t have any recourse if you find broken items after the movers have left.
Book your move as far in advance as possible, even if your closing date is not yet firm. Most movers can be flexible with proper notice.
It is advisable to have your goods packed by the movers. They are professionals and know how to properly ship and handle your belongings. Ask moving companies for the cost of their packing services. It may also affect your moving insurance cost if their company does the packing.

Keep receipts and check the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency website ( for what may be tax-deductible, such as moving expenses related to work relocation, or for students.

Be Aware... 
A mover who estimates a cost for you far below that of other companies may spell trouble.
Damage to goods packed by you is your responsibility and not the mover’s, unless the mover has been negligent in the care of the boxes packed.
Don’t sign any documentation without fully understanding it. Don’t use, or be very wary of, any mover who sends a flyer or letter through your door once your home sells!
One of our clients a few years ago had a very bad experience with this. A deposit of $500 was paid in advance and then they didn’t show up on her moving day. It took her 3 months of chasing to get her deposit back, on top of the stress of having to find another moving company at the 11th hour!
If you are selling your condo and closing on a new property on the same day, be aware that the closing for your new home will almost always happen towards the middle to late afternoon. 
If the moving company estimates that it will take 3 hours to load you, plus 1 hour of travel time to your new home, plan to have them start at perhaps 11 am or noon at your current residence.  This will avoid them sitting and doing nothing outside your new property while waiting for you to get the keys.
Local VS Long Distance Moves
Costs are calculated based on the number of hours the truck is tied up with your move, multiplied by the hourly for-hire rate based on the number of men required to help. Generally, the hours are based from the time the truck leaves the moving company’s premises until the time it returns.
Costs are calculated based on the weight and distance of your shipment. Your shipment will be weighed at a government inspected weigh station.
If your goods are to be placed into storage owned by the moving company, make sure the costs of storage are explained to you, including loading and unloading fees and the monthly rates.
We pay attention to our clients’ needs, and as they become Clients For Life, we hear back from many of them after the move. As a result, we have been told of many highly-recommended professionals related to homeowner’s needs, including movers.
Email or call us to get the names and contact information for some companies that our clients have successfully moved with.

Thomas Cook

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