You'll Be Asked To Sign A Listing Agreement

By: Thomas Cook

You'll Be Asked To Sign A Listing Agreement

There are three main ways to sell any Toronto property…

People have their own specific personal reasons for choosing any one of these.  For example, we offer a ‘Silent Market’ for those owners who prefer to go the ‘Exclusive’ route for a while at least. 
However, the vast majority of sellers choose the MLS route because it offers the best chance of getting the highest price so let’s talk more about that.
In the Appendix on Page 111, there is a sample ‘plain English’ TREB listing agreement you can peruse to make yourself familiar with it.
An MLS listing must be signed for a minimum of 60 days after which, if the property is not sold, the listing expires and the owner can choose to either re-list it or take it off the market.
One thing most sellers believe it that, if they’re not happy with the performance of their listing agent, they can cancel their listing agreement at any time without questions asked. 
Unfortunately, this is not true.  The listing agent has, at their own discretion, the choice of keeping the listing ‘active’ even if the seller wants out and is not allowing any more showings.
It is our philosophy that, if the seller is unhappy, both the seller and my Team are better off to eliminate that negativity and sign the form entitled “Cancellation Of Listing Agreement’ thereby releasing the listing and allowing the seller, if they wish, to re-list with another agent.
We are so confident of our expertise and ability to serve the seller well that we offer an ‘Easy Exit Listing Cancellation Guarantee whereby if the seller is dissatisfied for any reason, they can cancel their listing.

Thomas Cook

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If you are going to sell your suite in the next 1 to 9 months, what you do right now can make a difference of thousands of dollars in your sale price, and there are some simple things you can do forthwith to make sure you get "Top-Dollar" when you do sell.


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Third, if you would like, I will include your condo in our "Silent Market" of condominiums that are not yet on the market.  Because we generate so much buyer interest from our website, Facebook and Google advertising and other proactive marketing, we may be able to find a buyer for your condo without even putting it on the market… saving you both time and money.

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