11 Surefire Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Sale

By: Thomas Cook

11 Surefire Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Sale


1. Home Prep Isn't Optional
When your boss asks you to meet with him, you immediately drop everything. When your goal is to sell your home, you need to treat your home like your boss! Take action immediately and get working toward your home-selling goal.

2. Clear Your Home, Clear Your Mind
Spending time cleaning and clearing your home of clutter puts a sharper focus on your goal to get the home sold and to move on to the next step in your life. Move things out and you'll be ready to entertain offers for your move-in-ready home.

3. Move It Or Lose It
If you have excess furniture and other belongings clogging up space, buyers will see those items rather than the great features of your home. Be ruthless... pack up anything you don't immediately need and move it neatly into your locker or a rented storage space.

4. Involve Family
Don't expect to do all the pre-selling home prep on your own. Ask your partner, kids and even friends and other family members to assist you in paring down your belongings, moving things to storage, clearing out rooms, deep cleaning, selling items, taking things to a donation site, making small repairs, tackling bigger improvements, etc.

5. Stop Procrastinating
First, list all the things you need to do before you put your home on the market (your Realtor can help you prepare this). Put each task on your calendar with realistic deadlines, adding a day or two extra for dealing with unexpected delays. If you stick to the calendar to-do list, you'll make regular progress and get to your goal of selling your home successfully on your timeline.

6. Fall Out Of Love With Your Home
We understand, it's difficult to separate yourself from your home. It's your special space, and you may have spent a significant amount of time living there, personalizing it for you and your family. Now is the time to step away from your home and treat it like a property, simply a space to be sold. Depersonalize your home by putting away photos, family items and anything that is sentimental. Think of getting your home ready for a magazine shoot with stylish accessories, not personal ones.

7. Grow A Garden Of Color
Whether you have a yard or not, you can easily create a garden of blooming color in your home. Look at each room and create color and interest like a beautiful garden: add colorful accessories that grab attention, place lights in corners to brighten every room, clean windows and open window coverings to make rooms sparkle, arrange furniture to invite visitors to sit down and relax and... add a bouquet of bright flowers to your kitchen counter, dining room table or balcony.

8. Variety Is The Spice Of Your Home's Life
If your house or condo is competing with other homes that are very similar to it, make your home stand out by adding: a bright new doormat, colorful accent pillows on couches and chairs, flashy dinnerware or placemats in dining areas, lush towels in the baths, jazzy new throw rugs, modern hardware on cabinets, etc. Be sure to shampoo carpeting, refinish wood floors, polish other flooring and repaint in neutral colors to make your home move-in ready.

9. Don't Skimp On Needed Repairs
If you have repairs to make, get them done. Buyers will notice your home's deficiencies when touring it, and even if they miss things, the buyer’s mother-in-law might discover them. If you don't have time to address everything quickly, hire a local handyman before you list your home for sale. It will ensure your home is ready to sell...and also easy to get to closing!

10. Plan For Your 'Away Time'
Leave your home when a potential buyer is about to arrive for a tour. Take your pets and all other family members with you. You may want to go to a park, store, restaurant or the nearby home of a neighbor, family member or friend or just hang out in the condo lobby. Allow potential buyers to inspect your home on their own, at their own pace, with their agent.

11. Work With A Pro
It's not a surprise that real estate professionals like us can help you sell your home quickly and for the best price. Before you start your selling action plan, consult with us. We can personalize your plan to fit our local real estate market and help save you money too. We'd love to help you get your home sold!


Often people think that staging a home isn't necessary in a busy market but that's absolutely not true.

There are four principles to getting the highest price possible for both houses and condos... they are Pricing, Presentation, Promotion and Negotiation.

When you're getting ready to sell, the most important is Presentation. We've very successfully staged houses and condo suites of all sizes and the results were the same... a faster sale (a major benefit with less intrusion on your life) and a higher price... always a good thing!

To be a smart, educated seller, you need to prepare your home properly and here are two options for you...

Room-By-Room Review
Take advantage of lead time before selling by having us over to do a 20-minute walk-thru of your home. I guarantee we'll point out several important things to do (and NOT to do) that will help you maximize your sale price.

Email us directly or go to RoomByRoomReview.com to set up your visit.

Home Staging
For many of our clients, our personal visit is enough to help get your home ready for sale. Where needed we have literally a trailer full of staging items that we use to make our client's homes present the best way possible - all included as part of our marketing program.

When Considering Selling, You Always Have Options

After our conversation, you could decide to do any of the following...
1- Do nothing - sometimes after having a Room-By-Room Review or Seller Consultation you'll decide that now is the not the right time to proceed to sell your home

2- You can choose to do it on your own - determine how much your home's really worth, market it to find the right buyer, prepare the paperwork, negotiate the offer and make sure all the pieces to the selling puzzle are in place

3- Make the choice to work with a typical agent - there are 45,000+ now registered with the Toronto Real Estate Board.

4- Make the choice of working with 'By Referral Only' agents like us.

Thomas Cook

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