Being Beautiful Matters No Matter The Size

By: Thomas Cook

Being Beautiful Matters No Matter The Size

Typical condominium bathrooms are not large, unless you’re in a 1,500 sf+ suite, but, no matter the size, you still want your bathroom(s) to show well.

When we, or a tenant, are in residence, it’s normal for countertops to become cluttered with personal hygiene items, the sink to show the stains from an electric toothbrush spray and the shower area to display old soap residue and maybe even bits of black mould on the grout between tiles.  But for sure that’s not how we want it to look when you open up your home to buyers.

The presentation goal is to do a bathroom makeover comprised of a thorough cleaning of walls, ceilings, floors and fixtures, a fix-up of any missing grout, peeling paint and leaky plumbing connections and last a minimalist staging for walls and counters.

The first step is to remove everything that’s there now on counters and inside any drawers, medicine cabinets or linen closets.  Eliminate anything that you haven’t used in the last 3-6 months including old medications.

Now that everything is out, it’s time for elbow grease and a heavy-duty, thorough cleaning of the complete bathroom.

Sometimes you’ll discover that, once the clutter under your sink has been removed, there’s been a small leak from your drain going on for some time.  Check and repair all fittings and, if your tap set is showing signs of wear, replace it with a modern version.  You’ll probably wish you’d done this earlier so you could have enjoyed it more yourself!

If the toilet tank has been running continuously, it’s time to switch out the offending interior parts so it’s operating correctly.  If the tank cover or toilet seat have cracks, get a replacement.

Now to the tub and shower.  A big no-no is black mould showing on the tiles or grout.  One of the best cleaning methods is to fill a spray bottle with a 50-50 mix of vinegar and warm water.  Spray it on and leave it for about 5 minutes and then scrub with a stiff brush.  Even more powerful is to cover the grout with a paste of baking soda and water and then spray on the vinegar-water mix.

Scrub down the shower walls and replace any missing grout or peeling caulking.

If your shower shutoff handle is dripping, you may have to replace the cylinder inside.  If the shower head is doing the same, perhaps it just needs a new washer OR go all out and buy an inexpensive rain-shower head from Home Depot.

Shower and bathroom ceilings often get peeling paint because the ceiling fan either isn’t strong enough or wasn’t turned on at shower time.  This needs to be scraped, sanded, primed and painted using a mildew-resistant product.

Does your shower or sink drain slowly?  It’s typically because hair or other gunk has collected in the drain trap.  If you’re handy, take a metal coat hangar and straighten it out and then make a small hook at the end.  Shove the hook end down into the pipe and catch any hair that’s there.  Keep at it several times to get as much as you can and then rinse with lots of water.

To get the final cleaning done, use a drain cleaner but be sure to follow the instructions closely!

A final touch, if you have a shower curtain rod, is to switch your old one out for a curved model that gives more room inside the shower.  Spring for a brand new, light coloured shower curtain to hang on it.

Now it’s time to stage your bathroom for the buyers.  Keep it minimalist and put only three items on the counter top - something with a good smell, a new soap dispenser and maybe a small plant.

Are your floor mats and towels up to snuff?  If not, ditch the old ones and head out to buy replacements.  You’ll be able to use them in your next home.

Of course it’s not over yet… your bathroom has to keep the same wonderful look until showing are over.  This means every morning before going to work you’ll need to do a quick cleaning touch-up to the bath fixtures and counters with disinfecting wipes.  Tuck away all your personal items into drawers or cabinets, adjust your towels and floor mats and put the toilet seat down.

Now you’re ready to those important buyer showings.

Thomas Cook

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