Do Your Research On Your Condo's Pet Rules

By: Thomas Cook

Do Your Research On Your Condo's Pet Rules

For many people in the city of Toronto who want a piece of home ownership, condos are one of the most affordable options. But while condos are a desireable form of home ownership for many, the rules restricting pets can be a deterrent.

One thing that makes apartment buildings different than condos in this respect is that in an apartment building, Ontario laws override and "no pets" clauses in your lease and you cannot be denied an apartment or kicked out of an apartment because you have a pet.

However, a common misconception is that this is the case in any situation, such as in a condo. Unfortunately, if you are renting or own a suite in a condo “no pets” rules can be enforced. But as is the case with many Toronto condos, some buildings have restrictions around pets. While they are allowed, there are limits on the amount of pets or their size. One example is that a good number of condos in Toronto only allow dogs under 25 pounds.

And if you have a problem with that, you may be in for an expensive fight.

Toronto Real Estate Lawyer Bob Aaron’s latest column details the story of a couple with a 40 pound dog that moved into a condo that restricted the size of dogs to under 25 pounds. The property manager sent them a letter telling them the dog had to go, but the couple made a Human Rights claim that the dog was a service dog.

Eventually, the judge ruled that the couple was not able to prove a disability, and regardless the couple would be welcome to have a service dog less than 25 pounds. The court costs were $47,000 outside of legal fees.

You can read the full column here.

All condos are different, and buyers should do their research or talk to their real estate agent about their pet needs when considering a condominium. There is more than likely a perfect place out there for you and your pet, you just need to look!