Successful Ways To Avoid Dreadful Scarcity Thinking

By: Thomas Cook

Successful Ways To Avoid Dreadful Scarcity Thinking

This is a BIG one… getting rid of the accumulation of years of stuff!  Sometimes it is piles of books, newspapers and other paraphernalia that have built stacks and other times it is extra furniture or kids toys that have grown in numbers.

Either way, the goal is to slim down, dispose of LOTS of stuff and put items into storage that you will want in your new home.  

By creating more ‘space’ you’ll be making your condo suite seem larger than it might be and larger sells.  You will also have eliminated a lot of your personal things making it more attractive to the buyer.

Many folks find it easier to begin with clearing out their condo locker, an area where unwanted or little used items often land. Throw away worthless items you can do without and take important bigger items to a storage facility or friend’s garage.  This will give you some valuable space to put belongings being taken out of your condo suite.
As you collect unnecessary or "disposable" items from your condo de-cluttering, organize them neatly in your locker in preparation for a garage sale.

OK, you’ve now made some extra locker space available and you’ve probably rented a storage locker too.  Start by taking a critical look at your living room and bedroom(s).  What furniture could be thrown away or stored to open up those spaces?  Is it extra chairs, a seldom-used end table or desk or maybe  an extra bookcase full of miscellaneous books, etc?  

Could you get along without that big chest of drawers in your master just until your condo is sold?

Consider getting a second opinion if you’re having trouble with the decluttering.  Nothing should be considered sacred in this elimination process!

Now that the big stuff has been taken care of, it’s time for the smaller ones.  Look in all your closets and see what can be thrown away or boxed up now and put in storage in advance of the final move.  Eliminate seasonal and seldom-used clothes, old shoe or camera boxes you’ve been saving and any other items that have been gathering dust in there for some time.

If you’ve got a wee one or two, a big elimination will be to narrow down the toy choices to three or four.  Pack the others away in a clear box in the locker and be prepared to switch the toys out from time to time.

Remember to keep one plastic bin handy to throw all those remaining toys into before you leave for work every day so your home is kept as neat as possible.

The end result will be just a few functional things placed on your kitchen counters and scattered throughout your suite.

Later on you’ll appreciate all the ‘elimination’ work you’ve just done.  When you are packing up for the final move, you’ll now have less to work with.

Thomas Cook

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