Avoid Costly Mistakes When Getting
Pre-Approved For A Mortgage


Get Clear Advice And Be Confident

  Toronto Home Buyer's Financing Guide - LivingInToronto.com
In today’s busy Toronto market, buyers often have to go in with either a firm, no conditions offer or occasionally with just a very short financing condition.  Otherwise the seller will choose to accept someone else’s offer.

Once you sign that firm offer, you’re irrevocably committed to buying that home!

You can’t risk doing that without understanding how mortgage financing works and getting a FULL mortgage pre-approval ahead of time.

Reading the Toronto Home Buyer’s Financing Guide will give you clear, easy to understand guidance on how to approach the mortgage pre-approval process.  

You’ll get clear advice on what specific steps you need to make to be confident about your mortgage financing when it gets to offer presentation time.

Here’s a brief description of what you’ll read and master…

Learn how much mortgage you can afford… with some real life examples

3 things you absolutely need to be a successful buyer

4 significant signs you’re not ready for a mortgage

How to avoid a bad credit rating

How to get an awesome new credit rating

Avoid making these 5 common mortgage application mistakes

A Mortgage Qualification Chart - Using your annual income, determine how large a mortgage you could qualify for

Avoid anxiety when applying for a mortgage

How to create a down payment, even if you don’t have any saved right now

Best way to protect yourself from interest rate increases

When’s the perfect time for bridge financing

How to ‘cheat’ on your mortgage and save thousands of dollars in interest over the life of your mortgage

Discover how to completely pay off your mortgage in just 10-14 years instead of the usual 25

Clearly understand important mortgage terminology

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