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January 2022

January 2022... 

Report On Downtown Toronto Condo Prices

Curious about what your downtown Toronto condo may be worth?

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From Our Mortgage University Series...

4 Significant Signs You're Not Ready For A Mortgage

Toronto’s real estate market has been going steadily upward since 1997 and, although 2016 had exceptional appreciation above 17%, the average has been about 7% over the last several years.  2017 was even higher!

Then along came the Covid-19 outbreak which threw our economy and job stability into disarray.
Bullish outlook or the pandemic effects aside, there are still plenty of other challenges for many would-be buyers, from shaky credit to sputtering incomes and more. To be sure, the right time to pursue a home purchase is when you’re financially and emotionally ready.

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From Our Buyer University Series...

You Absolutely Positively Need To Know What These Mean

As you get into learning the best ways to buy a home in today’s busy market, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the terms of the business so that you will be speaking the same “language” as the real estate and mortgage financing professionals in the field!

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From Our Investor University Series, Capital Gains Tax Advice...

Scenario One – A Canadian Purchases A Property Strictly For Investment

The first scenario would be the simplest, where a condo or house investor buys a unit, never lives in it as their prime residence, and rents it out for their entire ownership period before they decide to sell their investment.
That's the most common situation. For the owner, the most important documents to collect and keep right from the beginning, is what it cost you to buy that property.

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January 2022...

Report On Toronto House Values

Semi and detached house prices have been bouncing around the last few months in Toronto with the changes in the market.

Some neighbourhoods are being affected greatly... others not so much.

Would you like to be brought up-to-date with what your Toronto house is worth right now?

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From Our Seller University Series...

Get Ready... Showings Start Tomorrow 10 am

Every seller’s primary goal is to get the most money possible for their home.  After 36+ years helping Toronto seller’s and buyers, that is an absolute truth.
Another truth is the more you make your home available for buyer agents and their clients to view the interior, the more interest we can generate and, in all probability, the better price we will get.

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Toronto's Real Estate Team
Toronto Real Estate Market Analysis
For December And Year-End 2021

I'm really glad 2021 is over, but I'll be REALLY happy when we're finally through with Covid... hopefully sometime in 2022. 

With the sun already set on last year, let's look at what happened.

One thing Covid has not done is slow down our Toronto real estate market. 

2021 was full of records... record monthly sales numbers, record prices and record year-over-year appreciation.

Although December sales were down from one year ago, it's not for lack of trying. As the year ended, only about 3,200 homes were left on the market across the entire GTA. That's the underlying issue causing prices to rise.

Our market is making it difficult to move if you already own a home. You don't dare sell first because you may not find your new home and close on it before your existing home closes. A severe shortage of inventory to buy stretches out the whole process to months instead of weeks in many cases.

So what's the solution... There isn't an easy one for sure! The best advice is to really become informed about the market and work with a Realtor who is experienced and knows how our current market works and how to deal with it.

You can read the full DECEMBER 2021 Market Report here.

Track what the current value is for your condo or house as we start 2022.

Are you considering changing your residence or taking advantage of the current market to buy or sell a rental property this year?

As you’re considering one of those options, you’d be wise to get some professional advice and counsel as to what the best courses of action might be.

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I wish all of my readers good health in 2022... be safe and best wishes to you and your families.


Finally, 2021 is over the horizon

Hi, I’m Thomas Cook from Toronto's Real Estate Team at RE/MAX and here is our December 2021 and year-end Toronto real estate market report.

The most noteworthy December statistic is the lowest-ever number of active listings there were at the end of the month… a mere 3,232 across the entire GTA.

Let’s review some of the Toronto Real Estate Board statistics and see what’s happened.

December numbers came in strong historically with 6,031 sales of houses and condos across the GTA.  Although 16% below the strong end of 2020, sales surpassed most previous Decembers.  An ultra-low supply of inventory contributed to keeping appreciation high.

Condo townhouse and high-rise suites had a record high percentage of total sales in December (42.1%) signalling condos are back in demand.  2,539 units were sold in the month making that the 2nd highest-ever for the month of December.

The December 2021 average sale price for all GTA homes came in at $1,157,849… a big 24.2% increase compared to one year ago.  If you compare this December to December 2019, two years ago, the average sale price is up 38.2%.
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