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For May 2017

I don’t think you’ll find much argument from agents as to whether the real estate slowdown that came in May is a good thing or not… it definitely is.  Keeping up at a 30+% appreciation rate for any length of time is not sustainable and can result in a strong over-correction if allowed to continue for very long.
Once you read or watch this May market report, you’ll see that there’s overall evidence of a big pause in the York region but not so much closer to the city centre or in the downtown condominium market.
And that makes sense… condos are now the most affordable housing type, even though, at this point in time, they’re not the most popular choice.  But that time is probably coming sooner that we thought with the big run-up in house prices over the past 12-18 months.
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Some Relief From April’s Market Madness

Sales were down 20% for May compared to last year with 10,196 houses and condominiums changing hands in all the districts.
Condo townhouse and high-rise suites took a bigger 35% share of the market with 3,565 units being sold… just 120 fewer sales than in April.
The May average sale price for all GTA homes came in at $863,910 – a still significant but more moderate 14.8% higher than last year.
Because of higher prices for semi and detached houses, sales and competition for condo suites has now brought the high-rise market into extremely high demand.
The active listing inventory is one of the strongest indicators of how smooth or outrageous the market has been.  We had a 7% decline in inventory for the month of May compared to historical numbers and up a big 43% from last year at this time.
The sales-to-listings OR percent-chance-of-selling ratio is how we determine what type of market we’re actually in.  24-28% is a neutral market, below 24% is a buyer’s market and above 28% is a seller’s market. 
In May that ratio finished at 55.2% - compared to 99% last year and down dramatically from April’s 90%.  We’re still in ‘very busy’ seller market territory however so sellers need to be aware that it’s not the craziness of previous months!
The days-on-market average for Toronto homes was just 11 days, 2 days slower than April.

Watch the video to get the complete May 2017 Market Report details.

If you'd prefer to read the full market report details, click here.

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Avoid Costly Mistakes When Getting
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Being Beautiful Matters No Matter The Size

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Home Buying Process Timeline - What Should You Do First?

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Featured Neighbourhood:
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King West Village is known for being a stylish, friendly neighbourhood with plenty of options to suit anyone’s tastes. From restaurants to art galleries and everything in between, King West is also known as the home of the Toronto International Film Festival every year.

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June 2017...

Report On Downtown Toronto Condo Prices

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