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June 2021

June 2021... 

Report On Downtown Toronto Condo Prices

Curious about what your downtown Toronto condo may be worth?

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What’s Your Home Buying Power?

If you’re in the market for a new home or investment property, one of the first questions you’ll probably ask is, “What can we afford?” Many buyers become so caught up in how much they can afford that they don’t realize their total buying power—that is, the total amount of purchasing potential they actually have.
Buying Power Defined
Your buying power is comprised of the total amount of money you have available each month for a mortgage payment. This means the money you have each month after fixed bills and expenses. Any money you’ve saved for a down payment, the proceeds from the sale of your current home, if applicable, and the amount of money you’re qualified to borrow all impact your buying power as well.

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From Our Buyer University Series...

Get A Credit Card For Your Mortgage

At a time in our market cycle when multiple offers are common and sellers are in control of the offer process, it’s more important than ever to secure your financing commitment before you start going out to look at homes.
But there’s a misconception about what that secure commitment entails.
What many banks do when qualifying a buyer for a mortgage is to just ask a few questions such as, “What is your annual income?”, and, “What are your debts?”.

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From Our Investor University Series, Guide To Attracting The Best Tenants...

Attracting The Best Tenants

Get Responsible, High Quality Tenants Who Will Pay On Time And Take Care Of Your Property
Getting the right tenant for your rental property is the single difference between a profitable income property and an expensive headache of bounced cheques, illegal activities and property damage.
This doesn’t mean that by choosing to become a landlord you are taking a huge risk. If you do your research into potential tenants properly, you’ll find that renting out your property can be a very rewarding experience.  As your property appreciates in value, someone else is paying your mortgage for you!
We’ve compiled a comprehensive how-to guide on finding that perfect tenant so your income property endeavors are as smooth and profitable as possible. If you are considering being a landlord, read on!

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June 2021...

Report On Toronto House Values

Semi and detached house prices have been bouncing around the last few months in Toronto with the changes in the market.

Some neighbourhoods are being affected greatly... others not so much.

Would you like to be brought up-to-date with what your Toronto house is worth right now?

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From Our Seller University Series...

If You Were The Interested Buyer

How can we make your home stand out so that buyer will want to make an offer?
Selling your home to get the absolute highest price is all about ‘painting’ a picture of what it would be like for the buyer to live in your home before they actually do.
Some of that ‘painting’ is actually just that… painting walls where needed, decluttering, perhaps rearranging furniture and adding cosmetic touches where necessary.

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Toronto's Real Estate Team
Toronto Real Estate Market Analysis
For May 2021

Well, summer is here big-time now with lots of hot days and nights. 

The big difference for me this summer, besides the coming out of the pandemic, will be taking advantage of my newfound discovery of bicycle riding to keep in shape and get outdoors.

Last fall my son Rylie challenged me to start bike riding with him on my electric bike.  Like some of you perhaps, I had 'range anxiety'... not knowing if I'd have enough strength to get back from a ride of over a few miles.

Turns out my son is a great coach (reversing our old roles) and has nurtured and cajoled me along thru the winter (using the Zwift app on a real road bike) and into the spring to take longer and longer rides.

In late November 2020 I bought a new Trek Domane SL6 road bike, used it inside all thru the cold months, and now on the apparently quite numerous roads and trails around Toronto.

Last weekend I did my longest so far 'man-powered' ride with Rylie for about 60 km all around the western side of Toronto. It's been terrific getting out to enjoy our weather and all the hidden sides of our great city.

Despite what you might see or hear in the media, our GTA real estate market is still moving strongly with a new highest-ever average sale price ($1,108,453) and the 2nd highest number of May sales (11,951).

Downtown condos sold in record numbers in May while adjusted average sale prices were down slightly from 2020 - they came in 4-5% above May averages in 2019 however.

You can read the full MAY 2021 Market Report here.

Considering selling your own home or an income property soon?  The first thing you need to know is what it's worth.

If the property you’re considering selling is a Toronto/GTA condominium, I can give you an up-to-date condo suite valuation by going to - please BE SURE to leave me your condo’s monthly maintenance fee so I can send out your report.  

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Let's get out and enjoy our great city this June smiley 




Record May Average Sale Price - Sales 2nd Highest Ever

Hi, I’m Thomas Cook from Toronto's Real Estate Team at RE/MAX and here is our MAY 2021 Toronto real estate market report.
The Toronto real estate market has AGAIN hit a number of records including the 2nd highest ever May total home sales plus the 2nd highest ever condo TH and highrise suite sales during the month.
So… let’s review some of the Toronto Real Estate Board statistics and see what’s happened.
Huge numbers came in once again for May with a near-record 11,951 sales of houses and condos across the GTA.  The next closest to this was way back in 2016 when we had 12,789 sales.  Low interest rates and high demand are continuing to boost our local market.
Sales were up 160% from April 2020 although that’s a misleading number since last year we were in the midst of the pandemic.  Sales were down about 1600 homes from April.
Condo townhouse and high-rise suites hit a near-record with sales up big time year-over-year with 3,677 units being sold. Next highest May was back in 2016 when there were 3,945 units sold.
The May 2021 average sale price for all GTA homes came in at $1,108,453… a big, but misleading 28.4% increase compared to one year ago but the highest ever average sales price number.  Since February 2021, the average has been over $1,000,000.
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