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December 2020

December 2020... 

Report On Downtown Toronto Condo Prices

Curious about what your downtown Toronto condo may be worth?

Here’s an easy, online way to find out what suites like yours are selling for in today’s market.

Get this free report with up-to-the-minute statistics based on all the recent listings and sales of condos in your building.

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10 Ways to Give Back to Our Local Community This Holiday Season

This year has demonstrated, perhaps more than ever, the importance of our family, friends, neighbours, and community. It truly “takes a village” to keep a community functioning effectively, whether that’s by keeping our waterways clean, feeding the hungry, teaching our kids, or supporting small businesses.
With the holidays right around the corner, December offers the perfect opportunity to give back to the place we call home. You might want to focus your efforts near home, expand to our larger community, or even help support the people closest to you. Whether you’re passionate about a particular cause or just want to get more involved in general, let these 10 ways, both big and small, inspire you to do good in your town.

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From Our Buyer University Series...

Why Checking Your Credit Report Is Important

A credit report for each buyer going on title is one of the three most important items a bank or mortgage broker checks to see if you are credit worthy and if they’re willing to give you a mortgage.
If you’ve never had credit, have no debt and have always paid cash for purchases, this is not a good thing in this instance.  Lenders want to look at your credit history to see how you’ve handled credit in the past. 
If this is you, then you should immediately go and apply for a credit card and use it monthly.  Pay the balance off to zero if that makes you more comfortable.  Doing this for a minimum of six months will establish a good credit record for you.
Most of us do have credit of some sort and therefore we have a credit file.

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December 2020...

Report On Toronto House Values

Semi and detached house prices have been bouncing around the last few months in Toronto with the changes in the market.

Some neighbourhoods are being affected greatly... others not so much.

Would you like to be brought up-to-date with what your Toronto house is worth right now?

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From Our Seller University Series...

Successful Ways To Avoid Dreadful Scarcity Thinking

This is a BIG one… getting rid of the accumulation of years of stuff!  Sometimes it is piles of books, newspapers and other paraphernalia that have built stacks and other times it is extra furniture or kids toys that have grown in numbers.

Either way, the goal is to slim down, dispose of LOTS of stuff and put items into storage that you will want in your new home.  

By creating more ‘space’ you’ll be making your condo suite seem larger than it might be and larger sells.  You will also have eliminated a lot of your personal things making it more attractive to the buyer.

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Toronto's Real Estate Team
Toronto Real Estate Market Analysis
For November 2020

As we approach the holiday season in the midst of a COVID lockdown, there may be lots to complain about but there's lots to be thankful for too.

If you think about what previous generations had to go through... the 1930's depression and a 6-year world war... just having to wear a mask, keep social distance, and suffer through economic hardships for 12-15 months may not be too bad for our current generation.

I finally had a chance to get together with my wife after almost 7 months apart (she's locked down in Florida) when we met up in the Dominican Republic in mid-November. It's not easy being separated for such a long time but we know it should be mostly over by the end of spring hopefully with the advent of a successful vaccine.

Despite all of our COVID woes, the Toronto real estate market continues to power on, but with some differences based on the type of home you're talking about.

Detached and semi-detached homes saw double-digit sales increases in November while GTA condo market sales remained flat when compared to a year ago.

You can read the full report here.

Has there been any change in your personal situation?  Are you considering changing your residence or taking advantage of the current buyer market to invest in a rental property?

If you’re considering one of those changes, you’d be wise to get some professional advice and counsel as to what the best course of action might be.

Consider me as your 'personal real estate consultant' and reach out anytime with questions.

Have a fantastic and safe holiday season.


It’s A Tale Of Two Markets…

Hi, I’m Thomas Cook from Toronto's Real Estate Team at RE/MAX and here is our NOVEMBER 2020 Toronto real estate market report.
We’ve had some exceptional highs and some surprising lows in November.
So… let’s review some of the Toronto Real Estate Board statistics and see what’s happened.
Big numbers came in once again for November as we’re now ending the fall market with record sales of 8,766 sales of houses and condos across the GTA.  Low interest rates and high demand are continuing to boost our local market.
Sales were up 24% from November 2019.
Condo townhouse and high-rise suite sales were up by 12% with a 31.3% share of the market and 2,746 units being sold.  Although not a record, November 2020 sales were the 3rd highest ever with a higher number of townhouses being sold making the difference.
The November average sale price for all GTA homes came in at $955,615… a big 13.3% increase compared to one year ago.
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People always feel good about recommending a person or a business where they've received terrific service. They want their friends to enjoy the same great experience they had. 

Please keep us in mind in the new year whenever you hear friends talk about real estate at any time... we're always here to advise, consult and help.



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