Thinking of Selling Your Home in Toronto?


4 Ways To Avoid Making Serious Mistakes When Selling Your Property

There are four crucial elements to selling your house or condo...





The first two are your responsibility... with expert guidance and counseling from your Realtor of course.

Promotion and negotiation are the responsibility of your agent. Selling your home is a serious obligation and the job to do that for you should be taken on in a professional manner.

These days, with 95% or more of Toronto home buyers looking at properties on the internet, a strong online presence is absolutely crucial. Your home has to be memorable when a purchaser looks at your listing online AND when they walk in your door for a physical showing.

Some agents, even in this digital age, only take a few badly lit or framed photos of your condo suite or home and expect that to be sufficient to showcase your home.  Often that's not enough to present your home in the absolute best way possible.

Buyers want to see lots of photos and everything else they can about your home. They want it fast and easily accessible to them.

Our Standout Marketing Program is designed to give them exactly that!

First we'll expose your home to the world in many ways and then, once the buyer walks in the door, we want to make sure they remember your home very favourably once they walk back out.

Most sellers have questions about various parts of the home selling process.  When it’s time for us to meet, we like to address those questions which are the most important to you.

Here’s a list of the most common concerns or questions sellers typically have… please choose the ones that are of particular concern to you.

Please rate these based on the following scale...

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Open houses
Buy first OR sell first
Pricing your home at market value + X% OR well below market value
Effectiveness of marketing programs
Realtor’s experience and enthusiasm
Availability of bridge financing
Real estate commissions
Inconvenience of showing times
How the selling process works
Possession date
Calculating net cash on closing
Negotiating the offer
Calculating net cash on closing
What’s the TO market like right now

The Seller Consultation is designed to answer all the questions you have and give you the market data you need to go forward confidently to sell your home if the time is right.

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