Why Seller's Remorse Is So Common, And What To Do About It

Considering Selling Your Home But Worried You’ll Make The Wrong Decision?  Here’s How To Cope.
Almost without exception, every home owner will probably encounter this phenomenon… you’ll feel some sadness when getting your condo ready for the market and when the offer comes in and you’re faced with the reality of committing to the sale.
If you’re an investor, you typically will not have developed an emotional attachment to the home and will be treating it more specifically on a ‘dollars and cents’ basis.  If that’s who you are, you probably don’t have to read the rest of this chapter.
As a live-in home owner, take some solace in the fact that you’re certainly not alone.  Start off by reminding yourself of all the good times ahead.
It’s certainly can be scary… it’s been your home where you’ve made memories and chances are good it’s your biggest asset and investment in your lifetime so far.
When you’re selling a home, you’re not selling an object the same way as a car or a lawn mower.  There’s much more emotion involved.
There is a lot of latent stuff happening.  Are you feeling insecure? Are you wondering if you’re making the right decision?  These are normal reactions to when change is occurring in our lives but when they’re intertwined with selling that ‘biggest investment’, it can sometimes be downright terrifying.
The first hurdle is making the decision to sell and starting to get your home ready for sale.  Perhaps there are personal items to dispose of and mementos to give away or store.
You’d think that once the listing documents have been signed and your home is on the MLS that you’d feel better but typically that’s not the case.
In my experience the big pangs of regret come when the actual buyer’s offer is on the table in front of you and you’re being asked to sign the documents.  That’s when the realization your home is being sold really hits.
I’ve had clients burst into tears at that moment and it’s very understandable considering the anxiety they’re feeling.
A good professional agent will realize and understand the stress you’re going through and help you make your way forward.
Checking Your Emotions Beforehand Will Help
You can indulge in a bit of rationalization to help you through this… examine the reasons why you’re making the move in the first place.  What are the flaws to the existing home for your current lifestyle?
It’s not that you want to build a hate or dislike for your home but just that you’re reminding yourself of why it is that you’re moving.
Try beginning to detach yourself from the current home and start building excitement for what’s coming next.
Don’t deny yourself some time to grieve and think about the memories you’ve made and the fun times you’ve had.
If you feel up to it, consider having a ‘going away’ party and inviting friends and family to help you celebrate the passing of the old and the start of a new set of experiences in your next home.
Don’t expect that you won’t still experience some sadness… getting past those feelings of seller’s remorse isn’t easy!
To help get past those seller’s remorse feelings, ask yourself what is the best way to start thinking ahead to what the future holds.  Keep focused on what’s ahead and start actively exploring what’s exciting about the new home.
If you’re still having problems, try answering the question ‘What’s going on that you can’t let go of?’ and ‘What’s keeping you from moving forward?’. 
Uncovering the answers to these questions is the best way to clear your mind and feel better about the move.
Someday in the not too distant future, with new memories in place, you’ll start to love the new home just as much.

Thomas Cook

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