Are You Wondering What To Do First?


When You’re Just Starting Out, There Are SO Many Questions…

At the beginning of your home buying journey, often the picture of what the end result might look like is a little ‘fuzzy’.

There are so many questions to be answered, so many ‘How do I’s…’ to be learned, so much new terminology to understand and just figuring out ‘what do I do first’ is tough.
Our Starbucks Strategy Session helped me realize what was realistic and helped me plan the next steps I’d have to take.

Yuri N

After over 35 years in the real estate business in Toronto, our Team has helped over 3000 house and condominium buyers all across Toronto and the GTA.

Our first-time house and condo buyers have told us that, being able to meet with us on a casual basis as early in the process as possible, even if their purchase date was 6-12 months away, really worked the best for them!

This casual over-a-coffee conversation is perfect for strategizing “What comes next” and will help you formulate a plan for achieving your goals and dreams of home ownership in a very orderly, organized fashion.

At the Starbucks Strategy Session you’ll…

Get a plan for reducing or consolidating any current debt

Learn several ways to start, or improve upon, a down payment savings program

Hear about what credit issues may arise when applying for a mortgage and how to deal with them starting right now

Find out how much money banks may be willing to lend you for a mortgage

Get a spreadsheet showing you how much house or condo ownership will cost you on a monthly basis

Learn how much closing costs typically are for a range of purchase prices

Be given some clarity about what 4 steps you need to start working on right now in order to move forward with your dream of home ownership

The Starbucks Strategy Session takes between 30 to 40 minutes and will get you on the right path to home ownership. We can meet at a convenient Starbucks or Timmies near your office or home, at any one of our nine office locations across the city, or at your favourite place where we can quietly talk about ‘what happens next’.
I did have a Starbucks Strategy Session and found it was pretty valuable. I had most of my numbers worked out prior to the meeting but overall the discussion of what I was looking for was the most benefical at this point.

Kevin M

You’ll walk away with a plan for what to do next and a timeline for that plan.

Remember... to achieve any goal you need a plan.

If you want to move forward, get a home which is a great value in the marketplace and ultimately have a smooth, stress-free home buying transaction, this is absolutely the best way to get started. Knowledge is power!

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What are the positives if you purchase a home?

What is your biggest fear if you don’t buy a house or condo in the near future?

What would be most important for you to learn about right now?

  The home buying process
  Closing costs
  Monthly carrying costs
  Where do I go from here?
  Overview of Toronto’s real estate market

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