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Helping Toronto Home Buyers Achieve Their Goals Since 1980

Sometimes people start thinking about buying real estate years ahead and others jump right in and purchase a new condo or house in just a few months.  Either way, it makes sense to spend some time learning the right way to buy and avoiding making costly mistakes on one of the biggest purchases of their life.
Our Home Buyer University has created several ways for you to improve your knowledge about the home buying process and how Toronto’s real estate market works right now.
Enroll in as many of these options as you’d like and be all set to go when the time is right for you.


Perfect If You’re 6-24 Months Away From Buying A Toronto Home

It always pays to get prepared.  We’ve designed a Buyer University educational series with articles either bi-weekly or monthly designed to teach condo and house buyers about the home buying process in Toronto in a systematic way.
Go to Home Buyer University and complete the Buyer University registration.
Timeline = 6-24 months before purchasing

Create A Down Payment Even If You Have Nothing Saved Right Now

Would you like to buy your first Toronto condo or house but don’t have a large, or any, down payment saved right now?
Our Free Government Money Report will show you how to grow or add to your down payment if you’re a first-time home buyer.  Download it for free.
Timeline = 6-24 months before purchasing


Home Buying Advice For 1st-Time Or Experienced Buyers

Do you like to understand how something works before committing to it?  
The Ultimate Toronto Home Buyer’s Guide will take you through the entire home buying process in a comprehensive way and help take away the stress of buying one of the most expensive purchases in your lifetime.
Download the Guide for free.
Timeline = 3-18 months before purchasing

Get MLS Listings Sent To You Daily Just Like Realtors See

The customized HOMEWatch Program is perfect if you are several months away from seriously starting your home search.  

Instead of randomly looking for homes on your own, you’ll get information by email on all the new listings that come on the market in any price range and Toronto neighbourhood you choose. 
Timeline = 3-12 months before purchasing

Are You Wondering What You Should Do First?

Buying a home can be a confusing enterprise and many people don’t know the best place to start.

A Starbucks Strategy Session is a casual over-a-coffee conversation where you’ll get your big and small questions answered to give you some terrific clarity about what to do next.
Remember, to achieve any goal you need a plan.  The Starbucks Strategy Session is the best first step in setting up that plan.
Timeline = 4-16 months before purchasing

Look At Properties Without Needing Your Cheque Book

When most folks are just starting to think about buying a condo or house, they typically don’t have an accurate idea of what they can get for the money.  They’re often worried that they’re too far away from the time they want to seriously start looking and don’t want to bother an agent to see some homes just for the experience.
The Market Experience Tour is designed to help you get a feel for what’s out there in the market in the neighbourhoods and price ranges that you feel comfortable with, without you having to worry about bringing your cheque book along.
This Tour is not designed to find your dream home… it provides an opportunity for you to get educated and find out what home styles, layouts and price ranges work best for you well before you’re ready to seriously start your home search.
Market Experience Tours happen almost every day of the week… just pick the time, price range and neighbourhoods that suit your lifestyle.
Timeline = 4-16 months before purchasing

Avoid Costly Mistakes When Getting Pre-Approved For A Mortgage

Understanding what is involved in arranging the perfect mortgage for your lifestyle is critical when buying a condo or house.
The free Home Buyer’s Financing Guide ebook will give you clear advice about how to arrange the right mortgage for you and your family.  You’ll gain the confidence you need when buying a Toronto home in today’s busy seller’s market.
Timeline = 4-12 months before purchasing


How Large A Mortgage Do You Qualify For?

Often people mistakenly think that going to an online site or having a quick, casual conversation with a bank rep to find out everything they need about getting a mortgage approval but this is absolutely not the case.
The perfect solution to getting a full mortgage pre-approval is to have a private, in-depth conversation with a mortgage professional who will review your personal financial situation and offer options about the best way to move forward.
A typical Mortgage Consultation takes about 20-30 minutes and you’ll walk away with a mortgage pre-approval that you can feel confident about.
Timeline = 3-9 months before purchasing

Here’s A Simple Way To Save Time And Money When Starting Your Home Search

OK, so now you’re ready to start seriously looking for your new home.  
You’ve read up about how the home buying process works, you’ve been receiving some targeted listings from various Toronto neighbourhoods, you’ve been on on a few (or several) Market Experience Tours to get a feel for the current market and your full mortgage pre-approval is in place.
The next big step is to meet up with your buyer agent for a comprehensive, in-office or online Buyer Consultation so you’re fully prepared when you hit the bricks looking for that perfect condo or house.
A Buyer Consultation with an experienced, professional agent should take approximately 60 minutes… there’s a lot to cover and understand and you don’t want to make any mistakes or get stressed out in the process.
Timeline = 3-5 months before purchasing


Exclusively For Toronto Condo Or House SELLERS…

Sometimes people start thinking about selling their property years ahead of time and others jump right in and sell their condo or house within a few days or weeks. 
Either way, it makes sense to spend some time learning the right way to sell and avoiding making costly mistakes on one of the biggest sales of their life.
Now that you’ve read this book, you certainly have a clearer idea of how the entire home selling process works but there are still a few important things you need to do.  Our Home Seller University has designed some terrific ways for you to profitably proceed with the sales process.
If you are going to sell your home in the next 1 to 9 months, what you undertake right now can make a difference of thousands of dollars in your sale price, and there are some simple things you can do forthwith to make sure you get "Top-Dollar" when you do sell.


A Quick Way To Find Out What Your Condo or House Could Be Worth In Today’s Market


Before you start making any plans to move up, move down or move out to a rental, you’ll need to know a market value price for what your home is worth in today’s market.

The best way to do this is to have us complete a FREE Pin-Point Price Analysis, where I can take a closer in-person look at your condo and prepare a very specific price for your suite.

This price will be more precise than the general range that you can get automatically from any website - and we guarantee in writing to sell your condo at the Pin-Point Price or higher in less than 32 days.
Go online to PinPoint Price and fill in your property’s specifics… it’s that easy
Timeline = 1-12 months before purchasing


So, you’re happy with the price you could get… what’s next?

The absolute best next step is for us to do a FREE "Room-By-Room Review", where I take a 20-minute walk-thru of your condominium and make specific recommendations about which fix-ups or improvements you should (and should not) do to prepare your suite for sale.

I will point out the lowest cost, highest return improvements you can make to help sell your condo quickly and for more money.

Set up your Room-By-Room Review at Room-By-Room Review

Timeline = 1-4 months before selling

Sell Your Condo In As Little As 24 Hours - And Laugh To Yourself At How Easy It Was

Some home owners are sensitive to having a lot of people traipsing through their home or there’s some limitation as to their putting the condo on the public MLS system.
If that’s you, one solution is to include your condo in our "Silent Market" of condominiums that are not yet on the open market. 

Because we generate so much buyer interest from our website, Facebook and Google advertising and other proactive marketing, we may be able to find a buyer for your condo without even putting it on the market… saving you both time and money.
Register your condo ‘silently’ for sale at Silent Market For Condos
Timeline = 1-3 months before deciding to put your condo on the MLS system


Insider Tips For Getting The Best Price - The Complete Guide To Selling Your Toronto Condo

By reading this book you’re on your way to helping yourself have a successful sale and getting the highest price possible.  As the saying goes ‘Knowledge Is Power’. In this book, I will be telling you how my Team and I approach selling Toronto homes.  

I’ve worked through three recessions since 1980 and now one of the longest stretches of market appreciation in Toronto’s history.

So, I’ve seen it all… extreme buyer’s markets and now extreme seller’s markets… but in every instance, a competent, knowledgeable Realtor adds value to every seller when they’re ready to enter the market.

Download the Book for free at Getting The Best Price 

Timeline = 3-6 months before selling

The Complete Guide To Quickly Selling Your Lovely House

In this book, I will be telling you how my Team and I approach selling Toronto homes.  Take advantage of the information I’m sharing with you here and use it as a  guideline. Read, build your knowledge and, if you feel like I’ve added some value to you, please feel free to contact me anytime with your questions.

Download the Book for free at Insider Advice For House Sellers.

Timeline = 3-6 months before selling


Exclusively For Toronto Condo Or House INVESTORS…

Investing in real estate is one of the best things you can do to secure your future retirement years.   I encourage everyone to take advantage of the excellent, leveraged ROI that real estate provides.
Of course, you need a seasoned Realtor to help you with your purchases to make sure you’re making an excellent buying decision but that’s not all you need.
Once you’ve purchased, the two things you’re going to look forward to are finding the best tenant and, when it comes time to sell, dealing in the best way possible with the capital gains tax that our lovely CRA will want to collect.
I’ve written books on each of those two subjects and the Investor University information is derived from them.
You can read the chapters you’re most interested in on the Investor page (then see the Menu on the top right of the page) OR you can download each (or both) of the books as a PDF which you can then read at your leisure.



Get your expert Guide To Attracting The Best Tenants for your rental condo




Get Responsible, High Quality Tenants Who Will Pay On Time And Take Care Of Your Property

Getting the right tenant for your rental property is the single difference between a profitable income property and an expensive headache of bounced cheques, illegal activities and property damage.
This doesn’t mean that by choosing to become a landlord you are taking a huge risk. If you do your research into potential tenants properly, you’ll find that renting out your property can be a very rewarding experience.  As your property appreciates in value, someone else is paying your mortgage for you!
We’ve compiled a comprehensive how-to guide on finding that perfect tenant so your income property endeavors are as smooth and profitable as possible. If you are considering being a landlord, read on!

Are You Contemplating Selling Your Toronto Rental Property?

Get The Best Capital Gains Tax Advice For Smart Investors

Of course, no one loves paying capital gains tax when they sell their investment condo but it’s necessary and you need to know how best to avoid over paying when it comes time to report your sale.
Now that the Canadian government is requiring every sale to be documented on our annual tax returns, it’s important for you to understand how the capital gains tax collection process works.



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