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Downtown Toronto Lifestyle and Market News

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Ultimate Home Buyer's Guide
The Ultimate Toronto Home Buyer’s Guide will take you through the entire home buying process in a comprehensive way and help take away the stress of buying one of the most expensive purchases in your lifetime.
Insider Tips For Getting The Best Price (For Toronto condo sellers)

By reading this book you’re on your way to helping yourself have a successful sale and getting the highest price possible. As the saying goes ‘Knowledge Is Power’. In this book, I will be telling you how my Team and I approach selling Toronto homes.
Carefully Boost Value With Simple Cosmetic Fix-Up Advice


I take a 20-minute walk-thru of your condominium and make specific recommendations about which fix-ups or improvements you should (and should not) do to prepare your suite for sale. I will point out the lowest cost, highest return improvements you can make to help sell your condo quickly and for more money.
Insider Advice For Getting The Best Price (For Toronto house sellers)

I’ve seen it all… extreme buyer’s markets and now extreme seller’s markets… but in every instance, a competent, knowledgeable Realtor adds value to every seller when they’re ready to enter the market. In this book, I will be telling you how my Team and I approach selling Toronto homes.
Guide To Attracting The Best Tenants

We’ve compiled a comprehensive how-to guide on finding that perfect tenant so your income property endeavors are as smooth and profitable as possible. If you are considering being a landlord, read on!
Best Capital Gains Tax Advice For Smart Investors

Now that the Canadian government is requiring every sale to be documented on our annual tax returns, it’s important for you to understand how the capital gains tax collection process works. You need to know how best to avoid over paying when it comes time to report your sale.
Home Buyer's Financing Guide

The free Home Buyer’s Financing Guide ebook will give you clear advice about how to arrange the right mortgage for you and your family. You’ll gain the confidence you need when buying a Toronto home in today’s busy seller’s market.
Get Free Money From The Federal Government (For 1st-time buyers)

Would you like to buy your first Toronto condo or house but don’t have a large, or any, down payment saved right now? Our Free Government Money Report will show you how to grow or add to your down payment if you’re a first-time home buyer. Download it for free.
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